Thursday 01 December 2016

Damian Lewis steunt Shelterbox
Damian Lewis steunt Shelterbox

Trots op weer een nieuwe 'ambassadeur' voor ShelterBox!
Help ons nieuwe ambassadeurs te vinden. Ook als ze 'iets minder' beroemd zijn, zijn ze van harte welkom.

We're delighted to have Damian Lewis endorse our work and in particular the continued support in Iraq. As the battle to retake Mosul from Islamic State continues, the need for shelter and humanitarian aid has reached an unprecedented scale.

Damian says, "The city of Mosul has been under Islamic State rule for two years. The military offensive to retake Mosul is underway and is predicted to force more than 1 million people to flee the city. They are the people who were not able to escape before Islamic State took hold. They are the very young, the very old and the families who were not able to leave due to illness and poverty. They have suffered atrocities we can only imagine. We cannot fail these families. To help the displaced families of Mosul £1.75 million worth of aid is urgently needed by ShelterBox. Please give what you can"

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